Coban Yildizi

Coban Yildizi

HD 6.8 129 min

Coban Yildizi – Fikret Karakaya is a very powerful and frightened man, coming from a very rich family. Being an old man, he has a serious desire to marry a beautiful young girl named Zyhre. Zyhre’s father unfortunately sells her to Fikret and she is forced to marry him. Zyhre has no support from her family or anyone else until she meets a young boy named Seyit. Seyit comes from a respected and respected family. He testifies to the war and torture that Zyhre is going through and is powerless not to be able to help him properly…

This is, Coban Yildizi (Shepherd Star).

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Serial: Coban Yildizi
Title in English: Shepherd Star
Country: Turkey
Genres: DramaRomance
Status: Completed
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