Gencligim Eyvah

Gencligim Eyvah

HD 7.1 122 min

Gencligim Eyvah – Arif and Zekeriya are two rival in their bussiness (selling kebabs) of the same street, the arrival of two Italy, Zola and Cavi, in the neighborhood, Arif’s and Zechariah’s lives could go down hill. Cavi comes to the neighborhood with a photo taken years ago and starts looking for his father. Zekeriya and Arif become devastated by this child issue that emerged years later. Two enemies have to cooperate. During all these events, Zola falls in love with Azra, the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood. However, Azra has a secret and stormy love with Arif’s son Ahmet, this is quite complicated but what they’re gonna do?

This is, Gencligim Eyvah (My Youth).

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Serial: Gencligim Eyvah
Title in English: My Youth
Country: Turkey
Genres: AdventureComedy
Status: Completed
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