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Oglum – The couple Ilyas and Melike Ozyyrek live in Sile with their daughter Ceren and their 6-year-old little son Kaan. One evening, Melike, is excited to receive her first salary, rushes into the shop windows and is late for her son Kaan’s after school… Kaan, who is waiting for his mother in the garden of the school, follows a hedgehog and follows the hedgehog to a park. Meanwhile, Zeynep and Tugrul’s 12-year-old son, Efe, is in the park. Efe is a boy who is out of touch with his family and his only friend is computer games. After a while, Efe realizes that Kaan has disappeared, the duo set out to go to the police station… Melike and Ilyas, on the other hand, are anxiously looking for their child Kaan in the streets of Sile when they receive the news that a painful event has happened… nothing will ever be the same again…

This is, Oglum (My Son).

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Serial: Oglum
Title in English: My Son
Country: Turkey
Genres: Drama
Directors: N/A
Status: Completed
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